Lighting System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Are you looking for a reliable company to maintain your landscape lighting in SWFL? Is your Outdoor Lighting system not operating up to Par?

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Periodic maintenance is essential for keeping your landscape lighting system looking its best and functioning properly. Our comprehensive maintenance plan will keep your outdoor lighting reliable and looking its best, so you can enjoy your outdoor space worry free.

What Does Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Involve?

Outdoor lighting can be susceptible to various factors that can gradually damage its effectiveness and overall condition. Elements such as Irrigation water, weather, and vegetation can dirty or obstruct lights, causing them to appear dim or less vibrant. Performing regular maintenance services will help ensure that your outdoor lights always look their best.

Our skilled team is proficient in performing a range of maintenance tasks, including:

  • Checking system performance
  • Testing for proper voltage using a multimeter, resetting timers after a power outage or time change, Inspecting Photocells to ensure proper operation etc.
  • Cleaning the Internal Reflectors and Lenses
  • Cleaning the exterior of fixture and lens w/ damp rag to protect then applying a Spray Wax for protection.

The internal reflector of a lamp protects the bulb and directs the light in the desired direction. Dirt or grime that accumulates on the internal reflector can cause the light to appear dim or even burnt out. Gently wiping the internal reflector will remove any dirt or grime, restoring the brightness.

Similarly, dirt, debris, spider webs, and water spots can accumulate on the lenses, blocking or diffusing the light. Cleaning the lenses with a soft, damp cloth will resolve this issue and restore the clarity of the light.

Vegetation that grows near your lighting fixtures can block or partially cover the lights, reducing their effectiveness. Trimming or cutting back any vegetation that encroaches on the lighting fixtures will ensure that the light is not obstructed or redirected.

Checking for Damaged Fixtures

We check your outdoor lighting fixtures for signs of corrosion, damage, dents, or cracks. If any of these issues are present it is important to replace them. Damaged fixtures can pose safety hazards, as they may lose their water resistance and increase the risk of electrocution. Cracks or broken pieces can also be sharp and cause injuries to people or animals.

Replacing Burnt-Out or Malfunctioning Bulbs

During your maintenance check, we look for bulbs that are at the end of their lifespan or have already burned out. We recommend replacing these bulbs as soon as possible. It is advisable to replace bulbs when they start to appear dim rather than waiting for them to completely burn out. This ensures that your property remains well-lit and safe, especially in areas such as pathways, patios, or gardens. If we installed the system within the last 5 years, there is a good possibility they will be covered under warranty.

Repositioning Fixtures That Have Been Displaced

Light fixtures can sometimes get knocked out of place by factors such as falling tree limbs or a lawn maintenance crew member kicking them accidentally. When conducting maintenance, we check that the fixtures are correctly positioned and illuminating the intended areas.

Being Vigilant about Exposed Wires

The wiring that connects landscape lights should be buried underground to prevent tripping hazards and accidental wiring damage. If we observe any exposed wiring, we will inspect them for damage and rebury them. Additionally, we’ll ensure that the wires have not become disconnected from the fixtures.

Tasks Best Handled by Outdoor Lighting Professionals

While most maintenance tasks can be performed by anyone, certain tasks should be entrusted to professionals. Handling electrical wiring without proper training poses a high risk of electrocution. If you notice damaged wiring in your outdoor lighting, it is crucial not to attempt repairs yourself. Instead, turn off the lights and promptly contact us and let Get Lit Landscape Lighting fix it.

Get Lit Landscape Lighting offers timely repairs to troubleshoot system outages and after storm occurrences. Need a new fixture? We can also add new lights based on your current controller and wiring setup.

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to keep your landscape lighting in optimal condition, so you can enjoy its benefits year-round.

With our comprehensive maintenance program, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained lighting system that enhances the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor space year-round. Contact us today to learn more and enroll in our maintenance program.

Get Lit Landscape Lighting offers Lighting System Maintenance & Troubleshooting services in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples, Florida.