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Landscape Lighting Services

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Residential Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with each homeowner to create a customized lighting design that highlights the unique features of your property, while ensuring safety and security.

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Commercial Landscape Lighting Design

Commercial Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Our Lighting Design Experts will work closely with you to engineer a plan that brings attention, function, and safety to your business or commercial property.

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LED Landscape Lighting Conversion

LED Landscape Lighting Conversion: Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Illuminate your property with LED lighting upgrades! Our ultra-efficient, low voltage LED lights will cut down on energy costs while delivering a stunning modern vibe - guaranteed to dazzle you for years to come.

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Renovation of Existing Lighting System

Renovation of Existing Lighting System:

Upgrade your existing Landscape Lighting System with the highest quality Brass Fixtures, Stainless Steel Transformers and LED Bulbs in the industry. Have the ability to control your Landscape Lighting system from anywhere in the world with Automated Smart Features.

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Lighting System Maintenance and Repair

Lighting System Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

Keep your outdoor lighting looking and operating its best with our outdoor lighting maintenance plans - no more surprises in the dark! Our routine services guarantee that you’ll enjoy bright, reliable light year-round. If there is a problem, we’ll get it fixed quickly!

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Lanai Lighting

Lanai “Pool Enclosure” Lighting

Transform your outdoor entertaining space into a captivating oasis where you can relax and entertain in style.

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Bistro lighting

Bistro lighting:

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere and add a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor space with enchanting bistro lighting.

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Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Audio:

Immerse yourself in the perfect outdoor entertainment experience with our exceptional outdoor audio solutions.

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Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Make your holiday season truly magical with our exquisite holiday lighting services.

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Home front with fountain well lit up at night

Get Lit Landscape Lighting

Custom Designed Lighting & Installation

Light up your night with “Get Lit” Landscape Lighting! Highlight the natural beauty of your Home and Landscape features with professionally installed LED Outdoor Lighting. As you pull into your drive is your home dark and uninviting? As the sun goes down do you lose valuable outdoor living space? Don’t get left in the dark! Let our professional Landscape Lighting Designer show how we can light up the architectural beauty of your Home, Highlight the colorful tones and texture of the Landscape, while adding valuable outdoor entertaining space to your home.

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Nighttime Lighting Demonstration

By request, a Get Lit team member will set up a temporary Nighttime Lighting Demonstration on a section of your home or landscape. This will allow you to see how Low Voltage Landscaping Lighting can enhance your home and landscape. The Lighting Demonstration can help you decide how much lighting you need. We offer this complimentary service to potential customers. Because the system is temporarily installed without burying the wiring, we can easily reposition the lights and show you a variety of lighting techniques on your home, trees, walkways, or any objects you value enough to illuminate. Schedule a Nighttime Lighting Demonstration to see how our lighting can transform your home.

Request Nighttime Lighting Demo
Nighttime Lighting Demonstration

Why Choose Get Lit?

At Get Lit Landscape Lighting, we specialize in just that “Landscape lighting”. With over 15 years of experience creating decorative, functional and security driven lighting, our goal is to bring out the best in your properties nighttime experience. With technology constantly changing, we are diligently educating ourselves on the latest products and techniques available for our clients. We are dedicated to installing only the highest quality products which are tested and backed with the best warranties in the industry. Let us know how we can bring out the best in your outdoor living!

  • Aesthetics: Experience the captivating transformation of your home at night with well-designed landscape lighting. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of a beautifully illuminated backyard or witness the beauty of your front yard as it comes to life in the darkness.
  • Usability: Keep the entertainment going even after sunset. You have invested so much effort in creating an extraordinary backyard, and now you can fully utilize and enjoy it during the hours when you are home and seeking relaxation the most.
  • Safety: Previously dim stairwells now guide you safely, leading to a fully functional nighttime patio. Once hazardous pathways from the car to the front door become effortless to navigate, providing a secure passage for you and your loved ones.
  • Security: Eliminate dark areas that may invite potential intruders. With well-lit surroundings, trespassers are deterred from stepping foot on your property, giving them second thoughts and maintaining your security.
  • Value: Make your home more attractive while reaping the benefits of a low maintenance lighting system accompanied by an exceptional warranty. By transforming your dark street into a well-lit, safe, and comfortable zone, entice your neighbors to join in, and witness the collective increase in property value throughout the neighborhood.

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